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The Birth of a Book - In the Hands of Women - now available

For a writer, the publication of a book is like a birth, although typically with a gestation period closer to an elephant (18-22 months). The event is accompanied by a full symphony of emotion - exhilaration, joy, pain, fear and closure - sometimes in harmony and sometimes quite dissident. But like a newborn, at birth the writer must let go, believing and hoping beyond all hope, that this work of the heart will succeed in the world.

That about sums it up for the week. My novel is out and I'm feeling excited and emotionally drained. Early reviews have been extraordinary, buttressing my fears as I move to the prequel, Threadbare, hoping it will be a welcome second, perhaps middle child in the trilogy I have planned.




1. BOOK LAUNCH - I hope to see you at my book launch. You are all welcome to bring a reader friend.

June 15th 6:30p, LITE BITES

Morristown Unitarian Fellowship - 21 Normandy Heights Blvd, Morristown

book purchases - check, Venmo or cash

2. I have begun booking speaking engagements and book clubs. Please email me at if you are interested. I am happy to attend local book clubs in person or Zoom in. There is no charge.

3. Currently, In the Hands of Women is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble - both online. I'll be making rounds to the local bookstores including Indigo over the next couple of months

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