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"A Picture is Worth a          Thousand Words."  Fred R. Barnard


Culver Lake Book Club - Great Ladies!

A terrifying diagnosis, a genetic defect, and a lifelong fascination with the history of medicine led Jane Rubin to put pen to paper. After an ovarian cancer diagnosis in 2009, Jane, then a healthcare executive, poured her energy into raising research dollars for ovarian cancer and learning more about her familial roots.  Her research led her to her great-grandmother, Mathilda (Tillie), who arrived in New York City in 1866, at sixteen married a man twelve years her senior, and later died of ‘a woman’s disease.’ Then the trail ran cold. With limited facts, she was determined to give Mathilda an exciting fictional life of her own. Jane was left imagining Tillie’s life, her fight with terminal disease, and circumstances surrounding her death. 


Her research of the history of New York City, its ultra-conservative reproductive laws, and the state of medicine during that era has culminated in a suspenseful, fast-paced, two-book historical series. Her engaging characters are confronted with the shifting role of midwives, dangers of pregnancy, the infamousB Blackwell’s Workhouse, and the perilous road to financial success. In the Hands of Women (Level Best Books) is now published and available at most online bookstores, and its prequel, Threadbare, is expected to launch 5/24 (Level Best Books).


Jane’s other publications include an essay memoir, Almost a Princess, My Life as a Two-Time Cancer Survivor (2009 Next Generation Indie Book Finalist), and multiple articles in the Coping with Cancer periodical. She writes a monthly blog, Musings, reflecting on her post- health care career experiences and writing journey. Jane also volunteers for the Women's Fiction Writers Association, assisting with the coordination of its annual national meeting.


Jane lives with her husband, David an attorney, in Northern New Jersey. Between them, they have five adult children and seven grandchildren.

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