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In the Hands Of Women 
Discussion Topics

  • Hannah Isaacson, the protagonist, is a complex individual. Her trials touched on many aspects of women’s lives. What are some challenges women continue to experience today.


  • Did Hannah make any wrong moves that could have changed her life, her options, and the outcome of the book.


  • Tillie, Hannah’s older sister had a profound influence on her, but she also had her limitations. How did she effectively coach Hannah. For example….


  • As the book opens Hannah problem-solves in a vacuum. What did she learn about the value of others in accepting help.


  • Among the men, who were the good and the bad guys. Have these stereotypes changed over time?


  • Do you think it is necessary to play the game to get ahead? What are examples of outsmarting vs veiled threats.


  • Transport yourself to 1900. Do you see yourself as someone who would join the suffragette movement, buck the system?


  • What do you see as the key societal problems in 1900 NYC and how many of those are still present in society today?


  • Broadly speaking, human nature is constant over time. Select a character and describe how she/he would be received today.


  • What was the most impactful innovation at that time and why?

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