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Alas! I can hear again.

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Twelve years ago, I lost my hearing during a six month period of chemotherapy. The metal poisons not only destroyed my cancer cells, but did a number on my cochlea, in my inner ears. One day I could hear the sound of birds chirping, soft wind and whispers; the next I was one of those irritating people constantly saying, "What?"

I visited an Audiologist two times back then, over a decade ago, to see what I could do. I wanted my hearing back. Each time they shook their heads sadly, "There's nothing left to amplify...."

Fast forward to 2021. Determined to get one more opinion, I have been tested and now fitted with hearing aids. The current audiologist has given me 30 days to try them out. But I needed less than one minute to make my decision. Once she programed the devices to fill in my missing hearing, I was transformed. I'm insanely happy - a kid in a candy store. I can now hear my grandchildren the first time they ask a question, listen more fully to conversations and I'm even aware of that pesky mosquito on the attack. It no longer stands a chance!

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