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#How Big is Your Lather?

How Big is Your Lather?!

We are getting into the apex of this horrid epidemic and the people I worry about most are those treating the sick; the first responders, the nurses, PA’s NPs, MDs, DOs and all of the alphabet of staff risking their own and their families’ health to care for those with COVID-19 - a name that will be remembered with crystal clear clarity for the rest of our lives.

So, how about we support the first responders and medical community who are out there protecting us. Send pictures of your best lathering! It can be yours, your kid’s or grandkid's soapy, messy efforts at lathering their hands and bodies to KILL the virus in its tracks. Send your ‘clean’ pictures to me, to your choice of social media or each-other with the hashtag #HowBigIsYourLather?

Let’s see whose is the biggest!

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