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I have a love/hate relationship with September...

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

August 30, 2022

As a summer soul, September comes with mixed feelings; letting go of the warmth, fresh tomatoes and corn, and the rigor that creeps back as school begins for my grand kids, I face my unfinished projects and of course my fund raising month.

Although always excited to see the generosity of others and their support for me personally, fundraising for my own disease stirs up a lot of emotion. Although my survival has been a truly an against the odds story, when I hit that send button for my solicitation email, my heart misses a few beats. It's at that point, that I feel like I'm falling. There's no getting around it. Try as I do to keep my cancer fears locked away, hitting the send button opens Pandora's box.

Last Spring, I had my second debulking surgery since the pandemic began. There aren't a lot of drugs that work for me right now. Interestingly, since my recent treatment has been surgical, the pathologists can reexamine my tumors - they keep changing. With those changes come new treatment discussions. The cells are indolent, they're on the move, they don't respond to hormones, now they do. With those insights, we continue to plan a real time treatment course. Now on hormonal blockers, I await to see their effectiveness.

Cross your fingers and a big thank you for your support this year.



To support the Mathilda Fund that supports the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance, please CLICK HERE.

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