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"The End" such sweet words!

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Can it be real? It feels impossible after so many months - has it been twenty already? So much crazy time has been spent writing, researching, revising, editing, soul-searching and binge eating Cheez-Its to get through this project! Three hundred sixty pages of historical fiction. It feels surreal, like giving birth - a whole book... so hard to fathom.

What will I do without the intimate friends I've made in this story. We know everything about each other; all of our secrets, fears and ambitions. We've fought and loved and evolved as I've pushed my beloved characters to their breaking point.

The next question, the holy grail - will an agent like it? Will it make it into the world of readers? I really hope so. Because it tells a cautionary tale, one for right now.

The setting in 1900 Baltimore. My protagonist is one of the first female obstetricians in the US. Women are beginning to seek births in hospitals, with doctors, for anesthesia, with the hope of preventing childbed fever. The impact on midwives is profound. Although they handled most births (at home), they also took care of early term unwanted pregnancies - 'unblocking the flow' as they referred to it. Responding to the decline in their birthing business, they began to open the window further into pregnancy for unblocking. That's when the trouble begins - and where my protagonist steps in.

More to come once I prepare my query letter!

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