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Walking with Friends - Miami Beach

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

It's been a while since I've written a blog. Although I've had many topics (such as getting served Swedish Fish and a small bottle of water for breakfast on a first class flight to Nashville), I've run out of head space between revision of my historical novel and a new consulting gig. The novel is my best work yet. Imagine the setting - turn of the nineteenth century New York City, a young female obstetrician, women drifting away from midwives to hospital deliveries (for anesthesia - who can blame them?), and midwives desperate to replace their lost revenue with....abortions. Not the usual four to eight week kind that they'd been performing for centuries (don't be so shocked - with birth control illegal, close to half of their patients were married women!), but the 12-18 weeks kind, precariously close to feeling movement. It was a hell of a time to be in the ambulance and obstetrical business.

Back to the walk - my friend today is my best one, my husband. We have marinated together over the years, and I've never been so happy. It's our first trip to Miami Beach since the pandemic,'prepandemic' the new word that's entered all of our vocabularies. Our last trip in 2020 was in March, right before the curtains came down. As a matter of fact, we were nervous to return to our home in NJ and on our ride down the hotel elevator, chatted with a single man heading out on his first cruise. David and I exchanged knowing looks - one can only wonder if he ever returned. If he did, he'd most likely came back with an unforgettable story.

We have many two-four mile walks in Miami Beach, all beautiful, all that we take early in the day before it gets too warm. This morning we walked the boardwalk south from our hotel (The Palms at 31st street) to a favorite breakfast stop (The Front Porch) and back.

Miami Beach is our favorite city in Florida, Not only does it capture the essence of the more liberal states, but people are as careful about masks and disease transmission here as they are at home. Florida bashers, you have a safe spot to come for a winter breather. The food is delicious, fresh and diverse, the architecture runs deeper than most of the state - with Art Deco hotels from the 1920's and the early contemporary slick designs of the 70's. There's actual history here - think movie stars and mobs - and the people reflect it with their international flavor. I just love it and find a long weekend escape in this little oasis just what I need to grab an extra hour of sunlight and 40 degrees on the thermometer. I can finally feel my fingertips and toes.

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