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Welcome to My New Website

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Welcome to my recently launched author website and the new home for my blog, Musings (formerly The Space Between).

There are typically a few speed bumps when new sites launch, so my apologies if you've received this blog already. Please bear with me. And if you haven't signed up or shared with your bookclub or reading friends, please feel free!

For those who have followed me through my writing journey, you know In the Hands of Women is approaching publication in May, and its prequel, Threadbare, will follow a year later.

Imagine turn-of-the-twentieth-century, post-Victorian medicine in Baltimore and New York City, only forty years after the Civil War and twenty years before the women's vote. The medical profession, historically all male, all but rejected female physicians. Obstetrics, a new medical specialty had emerged, and with ready access to in-hospital anesthesia, was turf-grabbing the centuries-old work of midwives. Together with that tension, suffragists and other activists supporting reproductive rights were in hot debate with legislators over the antiquated (completely anti-female) Comstock Laws that outlawed both birth control and abortion. Incidentally, it would be twenty more years before ovulation (the rhythm method) was discovered. So, what was a poor woman, or any woman to do?

With the help of my web-builder, Beth Witsik, I’ve created a new website consolidating my old sites so I can connect with my readers in a streamlined manner. Over the last two months, Beth and I have worked to make the site super user-friendly and I hope you find it engaging. now hosts my blog, Musings (formally, The Space Between). Blogging led me to the challenge of historical novel writing. But I continue to love writing short pieces and reading your comments. It's stimulating and rewarding for me as a writer to connect directly with my reading audience.

I have moved your email addresses to this new site and have a sign-up feature to welcome new readers/followers. In the last three years, I have amassed over 1,000 followers whose emails I do not share.

I invite you to peruse my site. Flip through the tabs, and you'll see that also includes my bio and favorite books and films from the last couple of years. Yes, when my brain is fried, I love to binge watch a good series. There is also a tab for my treasured, The Mathilda Fund supporting The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, an organization passionate about finding novel treatments (and ultimately a cure) for ovarian cancer. As with my memoir, Almost a Princess, a portion of book royalties from any new novel will be donated to this lifesaving fund.

Please continue to check back. Later this month I will reveal my book cover options and may need your help choosing!

Many thanks to all of you for your ongoing support!


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