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30 Days Later

I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I refuse to go through this crisis without some levity. I have learned living with cancer, that humor goes a long way in relieving stress. So, enjoy and share a little ride with me 30 days into the future as I present a picture of how our world might look when we reemerge from our caves.

Ungroomed, uncolored, uncut hair and nails will be one of the first things I notice. Only your hairdresser knows for sure. Oh yeah? Pretty soon we will all know the truth!

The do-it-yourselfers, bored and determined to cut the family’s hair themselves will be very easy to spot. Their victims will look ridiculous among the shaggy who decided to wait it out. The worst will be those who realized midway through, they were out of their depth. Is it better to quit in the middle?

How about the hoarders who don’t know what to do with all that excess food getting ready to spoil? It will be like a before/after picture in the reverse! Think of these as AFTER/BEFORE. Yes, in nine months, we are going to have a lot of new babies and few extra pounds...That’s a sure bet.

And when we do surface into the bright sunshine of a cono-free world and look down the street at the bus stops, we will see how much time actually did transpire. Kids don’t stop growing - they have a remarkable way of marking time!

Enjoy your hibernation!

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