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Ikebana Scissors and my Husband’s Haircut

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

No, sigh, this is not my husband - my husband's much better looking than this!

Alas, in the days of isolation, we are all looking pretty shaggy. My hair has more shades of brown and blond than I’d care to admit - and definitely some grays thrown in. As for my hundred dollar coif, oy.... we can forget about that.

My husband, who generally sports a bald buzz cut and has no aspiration of becoming a Larry David lookalike, ordered a buzzer from Amazon - that’s what I call it. He insisted I immediately master it and restore his shaggy outgrown buzzed head to its desired number one length. “No problem,” I said.

I experimented with the back and other than my intentional, “whoops!” designed more for teasing, and my nonstop giggling, it was a cinch. No problem - sorry Two Minute Tony in Metuchin, I’m almost as fast as you - at least until I came to the eyebrows...

Walking around to the front of him, studying the extremely random curls in those silver brows, I didn’t know where to start. He told me Tony uses a comb and razor. Well, haven’t we all considered using a razor in the past couple of months, but I hesitated about using its on my husband’s face.

Finally, I had the answer, the Ikebana scissors I bought last summer for the Japanese flower arranging class. They weren’t cheap, and after class was over I knew the hobby held no future for me. So, I tossed the very petite scissors with safety tip into my kitchen junk drawer for eternity.

He got a little nervous when I ran into the house whooping about Japanese something-or-another knowing I still had my father’s old Samari sword from a WWII battle in Okinawa somewhere in the house, and suggested we hold off on his brows. But, when I returned with the tiny scissors, he calmed down and now Two Minute Tony - you’re in for a real run for your money!

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