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My Most Important Blog This Year

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Every year about this time I reach out to appeal for your support of The Matilda Fund, which I created 10 years ago in memory of my Great Grandmother, Mathilda who died of ovarian/breast cancer in the early 1900’s. So far as I could tell through my research, Matilda was the first generation of my family to carry the genetic defect that was passed down to me. I created this sub-fund of the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF) to raise money for research to cure this dreaded disease that has affected every generation of our family since. Thankfully, medical care has come such a long way in the last 100 years. My initial goal for Matilda was $50,000. This year, that goal is within reach.

As a former business executive, I always look for high value in any charitable donation, and I can assure you that Matilda Fund contributors get maximum “bang for the buck.” The Fund spends approximately 81% of its donations on research - particularly innovative treatments and technologies that identify ovarian cancer early, impact the treatment more effectively and prolong remission. They have supported most major scientific breakthroughs in this field. The balance is spent on a lean administrative overhead.

When I was diagnosed 11 years ago I received conventional treatment and a pessimistic prognosis. But, to my astonishment, along came new technologies and knowledge that contributed to my ongoing treatment, my health, productivity and joy of life. These were the direct result of many OCRFA-funded trials. And the best part is that I am not alone. There are thousands of women like me who could have been lost to their friends and family years earlier, and instead, are leading productive, happy lives today.

We are in a golden age of cancer research. It is important to know that the thinking behind cancer research has changed over the last decade. In order to maximally accelerate the introduction of new treatments, funders are looking for both multi-institutional and multi-type cancer trials. This means that a treatment category such as immunotherapy that may initially be tested for lung cancer, is being studied simultaneously at several institutions for applications to other complex tumor cancers. This is great, hopeful news for many of us today.

Last, we all have known someone struggling with cancer, and we also know that it may strike our loved ones as well. Wouldn’t it we wonderful to already have a full arsenal of treatment options waiting when it does?This is your opportunity to add to this process.

Remember, all funds in Matilda transfer to the OCRF and we are closing in on $50,000. Please help me reach that goal this month! I have inserted links to my fund raising site in the body of this blog and have included pertinent links at the end concerning early detection.

With my heartfelt gratitude,

Jane Rubin

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