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My Special Pot

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

One of the last gifts my mother bought for me the year she passed was a beautiful red Creusent Dutch Oven. It is big enough to serve a crowd. I use it for soups, stews and brisket. It has mostly replaced the one from Granny that was given to me when my father's mom passed back in the 70's. Granny's must be more than 100 years old. She had used it for brisket - she cooked little else in her later years. Actually my mother cooked very infrequently as well, but she was very pleased that her daughters enjoyed the art and was always a very happy guest at our tables.

For twenty years I used Granny's pot around the Jewish holidays to make our family's briskets, but alas, with kids, spouses and grandkids adding up, it wasn't large enough to hold a big meal.

Lately, I have been craving comfort food. I'm not sure if this has been precipitated by the cold, the first anniversary of my mother's passing or the sentimental attachment I am feeling about cookware. But, this cold January I have been making a lot of soups, Barefoot Contessa recipes and other concoctions in these two pots. This week I plan to make beef stew (Ina's Parker's Beef Stew) to add to my granddaughter's birthday dinner.

Am I alone in this compulsion? Do you have deep connections to cookware too?

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