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Photoshop, Painless Plastic Surgery - aka, The New Me!

Updated: Mar 8

I'm not a big fan of surgery. Don't get me wrong, I've been fond/grateful to a few surgeons for their profound talent in keeping me going. Another, my son, remains close to my heart because he's my kid. But after more than my fair share of slicing and dicing, surgery falls into the same category as dental treatment without anesthesia.

Since I've already shamelessly bellowed from the rooftops about my two-book deal, I've been tasked with an endless list of book 'to do's;' most aimed at marketing my first book (In the Hands of Women, in case you've forgotten). I've needed a headshot, a new website, book cover ideas, yada, yada, yada - all quickly filling up my lazy reading and siesta time in the sacred afternoon.

This past week it was the headshot. Well, I've come to learn that there's much that can be done to 'improve' a headshot. And for those of my particular age, where plastic surgery is a fantasy/reality, it's a great way to see your new face, that is, months later after the scars and puffiness heal. Rule of thumb - have the picture taken in the late morning when you are rested, no longer groggy from waking up, nor ready for your afternoon nap.

Back to photoshop. I did impose a few rules of constraint. First, I needed to be recognizable if seen on the street or at an author's talk. I passed. Second, I wear my usual makeup and hairdo for the sitting, nothing over the top. That was easy since I can no longer see without my glasses; it was impossible to try something that wasn't time-tested. Last, glasses or not? My photographer suggested if I routinely wear them, I should do so for the headshot. Otherwise, I would be breaking rule number one. I realized an hour after I left him that it was the ultimate tactful answer.

So, I'll leave it to the rest of you to figure out what adjustments we made to the picture... But, of course, it would be easiest if you bought a book and joined me at the book launch or book talks this spring/summer to sleuth it out! I'll let you know when you can preorder :). And/or I've already begun reserving dates for book club talks in my new 2023 calendar starting this summer - remote or live!



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