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How it began...

In late 2018, I retired from a thirty-year career in healthcare. Typical Type A's like me struggle with retirement, but I didn't. I had always wanted the time to write, read and study.

I had many ideas about what I would do with my writing at that time. At first I wanted to write about what retirement felt like; to climb inside its warm embrace. After all, I had a job of one type or another since I was 13 (worked as a clerk in a bakery), plus motherhood (at 26), and had no idea what free time felt like. So, I opened my eyes to this more slow motion world, gave myself time to absorb, and lo and behold, began bubbling over with observations to share.

Initially, The Space Between was intended to represent the time interval after a full-time career and before the advanced years. Later, as I got serious about writing a historical novel, the scope of my musings (thus the name change to Musings) broadened to include historical insights as well. I'm hoping the topics I chose to write tickle your interest as much as mine.

Please register your name and email (bottom of page) so you can stay in the loop!  I am always excited to receive feedback and new ideas from my readers. For your convenience, I have organized the blogs into categories. I know what you're thinking, but I warned you I'm a Type A.

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