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Getting Pushed Right and Left

This weekend, I was listening to a podcast with James McBride, the author of The Heaven and Earth Grocery Store, and he answered a question I commonly get asked at book talks and book clubs. He answered it better than I ever had. I always grapple with the best way to describe the feeling whenever I'm asked.

The question is, "How do you develop your stories and characters?"

He said (in my words) that once you find your character(s), they inspire your imagination. You set up the conflict, and they push you right and left, driving the characters through the journey.

The timing of this interview was perfect. Not only since my personal book club is discussing his latest book this afternoon but more so, as I have begun crafting the opening of my third historical novel in the series, which I'm calling for now, No Working Title...Yet. I have my main characters. I have the period (1916-1920) and the conflict(s). James McBride gave me permission to just get on with it - start writing and let my characters take me on the ride of my life.


In other news, In the Hands of Women has been a big hit at presentations and book clubs. If you'd like to schedule an event (Oct and Nov are full) from December into 2014, just contact me at Just for fun, I have assembled an impactful silent slide show to cycle in the background during the discussion.

Threadbare, the prequel to In the Hands of Women, is only a few weeks from submission to my publisher, with a launch in May 2024.

Check out my events page:

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