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Summer Lake Days with Bubbie

Updated: Mar 8

Oh Joy! I reclaimed the summer. For the first time in over 30 years, I have this incredible season to myself. I am a summer hoarder, absorbing every minute - only sharing what I choose, and savoring the rest. My days have been carefree - reading, writing, gardening, kayaking and cooking. And they have also been social. We have had wonderful gatherings with family and friends at our beautiful lake home. But the days I will treasure most, are the ones I have spent with my precious grandchildren.

Although the feeling is big and has its roots in my heart, the memories play like sound bites. After everyone has left on Sunday and I walk from room to room alone; cleaning up arts and craft projects, picking up towels and laundry, remaking the beds and planning for the next round, I find myself smiling at those small moments, like when:

  • An insightful 6 year old Ava, told me, “Don’t you know Bubbie, that I am just not good at being patient?!"

  • Careful 4 year old Andi drummed up the courage to put her face in the water - such a huge hurdle...

  • 6 year old Zack, fixed the master bedroom ceiling fan in about 2 minutes flat after sorting through his differential diagnosis - and after my half hour of trying and giving up.

Our oldest, Lily, now entering early adolescence at practically 10, decompressed from a tough year but wanted to share this nature paradise with her friends.

Leah, who at 7 discovered the baseball field of dreams (yes, surrounded by corn fields) during a spectacular July evening.

And of course, when little Luke who turned 2 in June, experienced the pleasure of digging his toes in the river stone at the edge of the lake - and discovered tetherball!

Their summers have been full of moments that transcend time - and I am hopeful that their love of nature is becoming hard wired into their personalities and values. Waking up and watching an eagle dive for its breakfast of fish and then nonchalantly fly off, sailing, kayaking, swimming, catching fireflies and standing in the water while fish swim near their feet are all part of sharing nature. Not surprisingly, the squabbles have been few, as their lake world is large enough to comfortably accommodate their varied personalities. And indeed, it makes endless room as their imagination stocks it with mermaids, kingdoms and demons.

It is my dream that they will always have a place in their hearts for lake living with their families. As an integral part of my childhood, it fed my confidence, willingness to learn new things and nurtured my love and protectiveness of nature. It has helped me find places within myself to perch when I need to relax and find peace and the icing on the cake, is that I can share that gift with them.

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