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Wow! Did I say Wow!?

My early pre-publication reviews are coming in. For those unfamiliar with the process, publishers issue not-fully-edited copies of the book manuscript before the final publication. These are generally used by the writer to gather early reviews from readers in their target audience - some who the writer might know, and some who they learn of through contacts.

I sent a dozen requests two weeks ago and am floored, flattered and validated by the responses that have returned. Here are the first three with more on the way....

Important dates:

1. Paperback will be available on Kindle 5.23.23.

2. Book launch, sales and signing - open to all on June 15 - Unitarian Fellowship, Morristown, NJ, 6:30-8 - lite bites

Jane Loeb Rubin’s In the Hands of Women is a compelling and well-researched novel centered on women’s reproductive healthcare challenges in circa 1900 New York, as told by Hannah Isaacson, a Johns Hopkins-educated doctor who, as a woman and a Jew, faces misogyny and anti-Semitism on multiple fronts. Rubin’s story is a page-turner, with something for everyone, at once a great book club selection, a sophisticated beach read, and fascinating historical fiction, which resonates with today's abortion battles and influx of immigrants struggling for a better life amid widespread pushback. Rubin delivers a story of one visionary woman’s many professional and personal battles, and her eventual triumph. It is also a story of love lost and found, and an eye-opening education in history for those hoping it won’t repeat itself. In short, this book is a must read. Brava, Jane Rubin!

— Barbara Pagos [Retired Wall Street executive and avid reader]

"Jane Rubin’s debut novel, In The Hands of Women, transports the reader to New York City at the beginning of the twentieth century when women struggled for their rights to live the life they chose, when birth control and abortion were illegal and when anti-semitism was rampant. It is a fascinating read of struggle, defiance, a belief in oneself and fighting for it. Not only does Rubin bring to light an accurate record of how constrained women were at that time and the religious bigotry and poverty that was endured but it is impossible not to draw comparisons to today’s intolerance in America. The timing of this book is impeccable. It portrays a time in history that none of us should want as our future. I look forward to Rubin’s next book knowing I will both be enlightened and engaged in a really good read. A heads up to all book clubs: this is a a discussion for the ages."

- Alice Pager - lifelong reader

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