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It's All About Perspective

Nothing beats a trip to Grand Teton National Park to shed perspective on life.

Since the publication of In the Hands of Women in late May, my life has been overrun by small details: booking events, bookstore visits, entering book contests, social media posts - you name it. I have gone hog wild, figuring out ways to bring In the Hands of Women to the public. I have a second manuscript, Threadbare, to finalize and a third book in the concept/research phase. I’ve barely given myself time to breathe and reflect. Oh, did I mention the surgery I had in April – that too.

The happy part of my summer has also been drenched with details, vacationing with families, reunions with friends, and hosting grandchildren for theater camp. The numerous fun chores, like gardening around our lake home have been left untended.

I was beginning to lose track of my ‘living with cancer’ mantra, to find joy every day, slow down, and relish the moment.

So, a trip to Yellowstone and the Tetons with my daughter’s family could not have come at a better time. Although I still checked my email and did a little work on the manuscript, each day I loosened my grip on the ‘to-do’ list, slipping helplessly into the overwhelming beauty of the West. When we reached the Tetons, I lost myself in the landscape and majesty of that extraordinary mountain range so entirely that my lists became irrelevant. Did I really believe they’d make a massive difference over time? Was it worth losing my mantra?

It’s all about keeping perspective. For me, immersing myself in the crystal-clear skies, the smell of the forest, and the clip-clop of the horse beneath me shed fresh light on my life. Can I hold onto the feeling now that I’m home? We’ll see.

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